I Think I’m in Love

I’m not sure if I’m in love with my mom for showing me these little gems, the internet for helping me create a holiday wish list, my husband for literally “filling” my holiday wish list, or Julie Nutting who actually created the product…..maybe I’m in love with all of them.

A few weeks back I mentioned that my mom had introduced me to the Julie Nutting Prima Marketing Paper Dolls.  I’ve been obsessing over them for weeks.  I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them.  Finally after the holiday activities and clean up were complete, I’ve had a little time to play with my new treasures. I’m so excited about the results that I had to share them with you.

These cling stamps are huge….almost 8 inches tall and so fun to work with.  I’ve only made two so far and I’m really looking forward to playing more.

This is Natalie (yes, all the dolls have names!).  She looks a little washed out in the photo because, well lets face it, I’m a better stamper than photographer.  In real life she is just gorgeous with pale skin and little pink cheeks against brunette hair.  I just want to hug her she makes me that happy.

She is paper pierced with some decorative papers.  Jacket, scarf and shoes from the same paper and the dress from a coordinating print.  I colored her skin and hair with copics.

paper dolls Natalie1

Then I worked with Lorrena.  My first attempt with her didn’t go as well as I would have liked so this is actually the second attempt at Lorrena.  I decided to color her dress vs. paper pierce it.  Coloring that dress took a surprisingly long time but I love how it turned out.  I used my copic markers which I’m YouTube trained at using.  Not bad really.   I added some pearls to her waist and her headband (actually to hide some boo boos) for interest.

Paper Dolls LorrenaI learned a lot on my first attempts at playing with these stamps and I have a lot more to learn.    Especially the fussy cutting piece.  That was a bit harder then I had expected.  I’m hoping to play with them and more of their friends soon and share them with you.


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2 Responses to I Think I’m in Love

  1. Your girls are wonderful! I love paper dolls. I have Julie Nutting’s books (which I love) that have paper doll templates in them, but I have yet to have a go at making my own.

  2. mach1vn says:

    Thanks Kristah! I’m sure having fun with them. I ordered three more last week so I’ll be sharing more soon.

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