Paper Dolls for Little Miss

Little Miss has been spending a lot of time with me in the corner lately.  I think the addition of her own supply drawer and her own little space next to mommy is really a hit.  While I was creating the Marisol doll for my mom the other day she was very interested in what I was doing.  She asked me to make her a doll.  How can I resist that request.

So she picked out Calli.  I hadn’t played with Calli yet.  She is a much younger looking doll with a very sweet little dress and a headband (Little Miss wears headbands all the time).  So I created the base doll and she helped me pick out some print papers for some dresses.  We ended up making quite a few along with coordinating headbands of course.  Little Miss had a great time and while it was hard for her to wait for me to cut out each new dress she was so excited to help in the dressing process.  I thought I’d share with you her little collection (which is likely to grow!)

Calli 2

Notice the little leggings…..Little Miss came up with that idea.  And of course the silver “glass” slippers…..all Little Miss.  The fun continues!




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