Paper Pumpkin Referral Gift Presentation

I love the Paper Pumpkin kit subscription from Stampin’ Up.  So many people enjoy this little monthly paper kit.  From the experienced crafters to those that just want to try something a little different without having to make a huge investment.  I’ve shared this with crafters from the age of seven to ninety three!  It is great for everyone and all ages.  (for more information, see the Paper Pumpkin page of my blog).  For 2016 I started a referral program to help spread the Paper Pumpkin joy.  My post today, celebrates one of my first referrals.   It is such an honor when a customer shares her joy of Stampin’ Up with her friends and family and excites them to try something new.  So Sarah, if you are reading this, be surprised!

My referral program provides a little “kick back” of sorts for anyone that refers a new paper pumpkin subscriber.  I hadn’t really thought too much about how to send that little gift to the person.  But with my first referral in play I had to get creative.

I pulled out my treat bag die and went to work.  The result was better than I had hoped!

The really fun thing about the treat bag is that it fits into a standard envelope.  So no extra postage!  I love the little paper pumpkin promotional stamp set.  Makes the presentation look so professional!  Thank you so much for the referral Sarah!  Enjoy your gift.

(for the tie on the card insert, I cut apart the ribbon that I used on the belly band and looped them through a little hole punch at the top of the card)


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