Paper Pumpkin – Hello Sunshine


My kit arrived last week when I was on vacation so it was a wonderful surprise to come home to that little orange box.  LOVE my paper pumpkin subscription!   It was my month to create alternative project options for my broader team.  I got busy today and have a lot to share.

I always start out by creating the prescribed projects.  It gets my creative juices flowing and gets me familiar with the kit goodies!

I have to say right now before I forget….I LOVE the font and the sentiments in this kit.  What a great addition to my sentiment stamp selection.

After I finished the prescribed projects I started playing with the pieces and getting my “craft on”.  I knew that I had to cut up that preprinted card somehow…..but I sure struggled with the right way to do it.  I started by cutting a strip from the bottom edge to create a tag….actually two tags shown here:

pp feb 20163

Since I was cutting up that card base I knew that I could change up one of the beautiful preprinted envelopes too.  As you can see I added some Blackberry bliss card stock and ribbon to complete these two goodies.  Also the tag topper punch and the good old paper corrugator.

Let me tell you more about the envelope.  I used to make these quite often years ago.  It is a great little presentation for when you need to give someone a check or even a gift card.

pp feb 20163a

To make this I sealed up the envelope and then sliced it about 1/3 of the way down the length to create two pocket pieces.  The longer piece, I put through he corrugator.  This adds the fun dimension and also makes that piece just a little narrower then the other piece allowing it to slide easily into the top creating the enclosure.  The ribbon ties through the two pieces through two whole punched holes and holds it together securely.  I left the ribbon ends really long here because I’ll need to re-tie them when I put something inside and “give it”.  I’ll cut them shorter after I fill it.

With the bottom of the preprinted card cut off, that left me with the top folded edge (you can see that in the second photo below (ignoring the cut).  I cute that folded edge in half (2.75inches) creating two perfectly square note cards.  Using the blank space I added the sentiments and embellished with a few sequin.  SOO CUTE!

I had so much fun with those that I did the same thing with the blue printed card base

pp feb 201610

I love having little gift tag cards like this.

I created a couple more cards, one pretty similar to the design kit but with the orientation turned.  The other I did a bit of ombre stamping for fun.

Next I created this gift card holder purse using a pattern that I’ve used many times before.  This is just the front piece of the printed card base folded in half the short way.  With a couple of angled slices from the folded end to the top, a ribbon handle and a piece of cardstock you can create the purse flap you have this cute little purse card holder in no time.  Embellish, fill and give.

Last but not least, I had the strip from the blue printed card base that I had cut off in order to create the small gift cards above.  Ironically I also had Hershey nuggets on my desk for another project that I was working on (none of them were being eaten to help my creative juices….well almost none).  Together they came to create this really cute little nugget holder.


Seeing the photo now I realize that it needs a little ribbon…..I’ll do that right now.  There…much better…

pp feb 2016 nuggget3

Hope you enjoyed my alternative projects.  I intentionally tried to use as few non kit items as possible.

Here is the whole pile of goodies together!

pp Feb 20161

Want to learn more about Paper Pumpkin?  I’m happy to answer any questions you have.  There is also more information on the Paper Pumpkin page of my blog.


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