In Color Thank you

I realized the other day that we are months way from the new annual catalog being released which means that we are going to lose five amazing “In Color” colors that have been in the color line up for the past two years.  It is always a little bit sad to me when colors retire.  This will be the case with this set for sure.  I’ve loved the deep rich hue that they have provided to my projects through the past two years.  That made me think about all the papers that I had in that color family…..a lot!  I’d better get busy using them up.  Even though I’ll miss the colors….I don’t generally like to keep much of them around after they have retired.  There is a whole new set of colors coming to replace them after all!

I’ve finally figured out that the best way to reduce your paper stock is to actually use your paper stock.  Card and matching envelopes generally does the trick.  I did this set of Thank you’s using the same stamp image and the Work of Art stamp set.  The inked background was super easy to achieve.  I’m sure there is a technical name for it but I simply inked up the stamp and stamped the image the desired number of times without re-inking at all.  This gives the nice Ombre effect.  I mounted the stamped portion onto In Color background papers and embellished with the same paper punched butterfly.  Then (in the spirit of using my In Color background papers) I created coordinating envelopes using the Envelope punch board!

In Color Thank you Cards

It made a really nice little card set.  I may have to whip up a few more for gifts!


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