Best Day Ever

I see that I have hardly posted anything in April.  Sorry about that.  I have had a great distraction that I’ll share with you on this fairly long post.  Little Miss turned four last week.  Hard to believe but it is true.  So for the three weeks prior to her big day I was focused on preparing.  Rapunzel, who is her favorite princess, was the theme.  I had a really good time putting the decorations and the party together.  So much so that I think I suffered a little post party depression when it was all over.

First off, the invitations.  These were a little more computer intensive then paper crating but still really fun to do.  The little braid is just DMC thread braided and tied.  I only had to make 8 invitations, so this really didn’t take that long.  I took the advice of my hubby and made one really long braid and then tied/cut it off into the lengths that I needed.

Image (3) (633x800)

Aren’t they sweet?

Then I worked on the transformation of the family room.  Since her birthday is in April, I can’t count on planning anything for outside.  I was lucky with DJ and his August birthday.  Almost every party was held in the backyard under sunny skies.

For those of you that haven’t seen the movie Tangled the references in my décor may not make sense.  But I tried to incorporate as many of the fun things from the movie as I could.  The tower, the sun symbol, flowers, braids, lanterns etc.

The mantel focal piece turned out really cute.  Little miss and I found a simple wooden birdhouse at Michaels and painted it up.

I added a thick yard braid and put it on a simple candle stick (just set it on top).  It looked pretty lonely on the mantel until I added some ivy, purple tulle and then some bright flowering bedding plants around it.

IMG_7431 (800x533)

In the forefront of this photo you can see the purple banner with the little sun emblem (from the movie).  I actually had four banners like this across the room which made it feel like a little street festival.  Here are the banners coming together

DSCN5351 (800x600)

I was really wishing for a sun die cut by the time I had cut a few of them out.  You’ll notice that I decided to go with the sun every other pennant…there is a reason!

You can also see the Flynn Rider poster there on the floor.  Of course there were a few of those hanging up around the party room too.

Next I needed something for the food table.  I found this great little arrangement on Pinterest so I mocked it up with my own flair.  The little lanterns are just pieces of purple card stock taped to a stick and into a foam block in the bottom of the pail.  Super easy and really a fun focal point.  Thanks to the internet, Rapunzel was easy to find, size to my needs, print on photo paper and cut out.

DSCN5350 (600x800)

Then the cake.  Oh boy.  The fun with the cake.  Pinterest had the over the top tower cakes that were very pretty…but wasn’t happening by me.  Then I found the perfect DIY tower from the Disney Family website.  Foam block, dowel, donuts, muffin, ice cream cone….I can do that!  I’m so proud of how it turned out.  Of course you can’t eat it.  I started putting it together about three days before the party.  The donuts and the muffin were hard as a rock by the time the guests arrived.  But since it was just for show, it didn’t matter how hard it was.

IMG_7457 (533x800)

The foam base was a 6 inch disk with a 4 inch half circle on top.  I frosted them (thank you QFC for giving me some of the green frosting from the cupcakes) so that they didn’t look like foam and added frosting vines and silk flowers to the tower.  The ice cream cone at the top was painted with purple chocolate melts.  QFC did the cupcakes.  I decided that I didn’t have to be worrying about baking and frosting cupcakes the night before the party.  Plus I could have never gotten the nice green grass frosting effect.  I added the silk flowers to tie it all together.  Little miss was thrilled.

Oh, and I should point out.  One of my dear friends make the little chocolate drizzle lollipops in the bottom left corder of the photo.  I gave those out as a treat to all the kids and adults.

Of course there were lanterns and BEST DAY EVER signs too but I didn’t manage to get them photographed that well.  Another fun thing I did, which I’ll do again, was have some helium balloons holding photos.  You can kind of see them below.  They were photos of scenes from the movie.


Little Miss had three little friends over and everyone was dressed in princess outfits.  They were so cute!  I think that everyone enjoyed themselves but really the only person who matters for this day was my little Rapunzel.  From the smiles in the photos I think I achieved my goal.  Happy Birthday to my sweet Princess.

IMG_7443 (533x800)






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