Time Out for Another DIY Project

Thanks for allowing me to blog about something other than paper crafting.  I was on a whirl at the start of the year with a series of DIY projects but I’ve slowed down in pretty much all aspects of my blog.  That doesn’t make me happy!

However, today I have a fun DIY project that I have to admit, turned out better than I expected.  It all started with this little princess.

IMG_7443 (533x800)

I’ve been working on her little girl room transition for a couple of years now and today I’m happy to say that I think we are all set for a few years.  She is pretty tickled too.

My inspiration was (like it is so often) the Pottery Barn Kids.


I came so close to buying this during the holidays.  But I just couldn’t justify the $$.  I was sure I could come up with something.  Plus Little Miss has the smallest room in the house and while this cornice was gorgeous I really think it needed a showcase room with at least 10 foot ceilings.

So I noodled on it a bit.

I have had this half round hanging basket that I’d been pushing around my craft room for a couple of years, and it dawned on me as it was lying on its side, unused, in my cabinet that it would possibly work as a cornice top if I turned it upside down with the tulle hanging down.  But the basket was brown and I needed it to be white.

Oh, right….spray paint!

DSCN5365 (800x600)Once it was white, it needed something.  I tried silk ivy, I tried paper flowers but I couldn’t figure out the right thing.  I felt like it needed some color and dimension.  I was playing around with some purple ribbon which led me to pull out a few more colors.  The next thing you know I have a variety of colors and textures being knotted along a piece of white ribbon base.

This is exactly what the basket needed.  Today hubby hung it to the delight of Little Miss who was jumping up and down at the idea of sleeping in a princess bed.  So my basket (free) was upcycled with spray paint that I already had in the cupboard (free), decorated with ribbon that has been in my “stock” for years (free) and filled with 5 yards of tulle ($10.26) which I just left as a full length panel folded in half.   Result….Priceless.

DSCN5370 (600x800)





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