June 2016 Paper Pumpkin

If you are a Paper Pumpkin subscriber you may have been playing with your most recent kit that arrived earlier this week.  What fun.  I broke mine open and have been playing with it over the past couple of nights.  I have a routine when I start my paper pumpkin.  I always make at least one of the projects based on the instructions.  This gets me warmed up.  Sometimes I’ll make all of the items by the instructions but that is very rare.  Especially when I feel obligated to get a little creative “out of the box” for all of my wonderful paper pumpkin subscribers.

So with that in mind I pushed my creative side to come up with some fun alternatives.  Generally I keep them for just my subscribers but about every other months I share them with on my Blog.  So here we go!

(you can click on the photos to enlarge)

First up – The card per the directions.  These are really super cute and I can’t wait to give them.  The card itself is a little gift with the “happy” banner wrapped around.  What a fun little thing for the recipient to hang up in their office, on the refrig, etc.  I have some supplies left so I think I might just make a few more of these to finish off my kit this month.

DSCN5696 (768x1024)

Next I created something very similar to the instructed card but easier.  No banner this time.  Just a single pennant and some letter stickers.

DSCN5692 (786x1024)

Then I went crazy…..I was fiddling around with the washi tape and I realized that it was the exact width of the strips on the card base from the kit.  So I cut the card base in half and washi taped up the entire thing.  I was going to use it just like that but I decided to chop it up!

DSCN5687 (768x1024)

Which created the ability for me to align the strips into a checkerboard pattern.  So cute!  I mounted all the strips on a piece of white card stock and cut it to size making it the focal point of my next card.

DSCN5689 (1024x768)

The little dot embellishments are part of the new Stampin’ Up enamel sticker line.  LOVE THEM!

Next up I wanted to do something different with the little pennant bags.  After a few failed attempts (good thing they give you a lot of the little bags in the kit) I had a little party hat design using some of the sequins and a little DSP.  The result is a fun little birthday tag.  (note the sentiment is from a paper pumpkin kit a couple of months ago)

DSCN5697 (768x1024)

The next design is actually a knock off of something that I saw on You Tube.  I sponged the white circles from the kit with the tip top taupe color and stamped the circle frame in black.  I like the black with the tip top taupe.  The gold letters from the kit take the focal point.  Using 1/2 of the striped card base I added a little angle look to the white card base.  Who says everything has to be square?

DSCN5694 (768x1024)

Those that know me won’t be surprised that there is at least one 3D item in my “out of the box” ideas.  I kept it simple this time with just a 2 x 2 box made from the card base.  I decided to close the box top like a little milk carton which was a little difficult as that card base paper is pretty think.  Once I get it filled with goodies I’ll seal it up good.

My next card uses the last bit of the checkerboard strips from the previous card.  I had to fish it out of my recycle pile as I really hadn’t intended on using it.  But it worked perfectly with this simple design.

DSCN5691 (768x1024)

The gold strips under the checkerboard strip are actually cut off of the ABC sticker sheets from the kit.  It is great that they are already “stickers” which makes it easy to adhere them to the card.  I stamped the sentiment with black ink and the gold dots are again from the new Stampin’ Up enamel embellishment collection.

Next up, a simple design using some of the kit pieces and some additional add ins.  I really like how the sentiment from last months paper pumpkin kit go with this months.  Here you can see the Happy (this month) with the Birthday (last month) together on the tag.  The candle is from last months kit and the little star embellishment….you guessed it, Stampin’ Up’s new enamel stickers.  (You have to get some of these!)

DSCN5690 (768x1024)

Last but not least….I think my favorite…..Completely out of the box.  I added brown/copper glitter to the pennant bag and cute it down to the proportion of the Sprinkles of Life cloud/ice cream/cupcake top image to make an ice cream cone.  I had intended to make this a tag but after I stamped the Happy Birthday pattern on the whisper white card stock I liked the result and didn’t want to cut it down.   After adding a little bit of tip top taupe as well as some of the new Fruit Stand DSP another birthday card was added to the collection.

DSCN5693 (768x1024)

I hope you enjoyed these alternative projects for the June kit.  After this I’m left with a lot of little pennant bags, one full card base, letter stickers and circles.  I intend to cut the card base in half and create two more of the original kit ideas to use the rest of the goodies up.  I love it when everything is used up!

Here is everything all together!

DSCN5702 (1024x768)

Let me know if you have any questions!














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