More Paper Dolls


I really should be playing with my new catalog Stampin’ Up goodies, but what I really wanted to do was play paper dolls tonight.  So I did.  I’ve been on a roll “acquiring” pretty papers that are very rustic, vintage, aged looking and I can’t seem to stop.  My excuse is that they are perfect for the paper doll collages and other projects.  Of course when you buy the pretty papers you “have to” get some of the coordinating embellishments like the paper flowers or ribbons.  You can’t just have the paper…I mean really!

So with my new papers lined up on my desk and my paper doll stamps just waiting for ink, I had a little fun.

I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with these little beauties.  Currently they are just displayed on my desk and make me smile.  Maybe that is purpose enough to create them.

The first doll (Mia) is stamped on text paper with her skin/hair colored with copics.  I have this very thin text paper that I thought would be really good with the dolls.  It works ok, but since it is not card stock you have to be really careful with the alcohol markers.  The print will bleed if you get it too saturated.  So you have to color in phases and take it slow.  Mia had three failed attempts before she finally came together.  Her dress is paper pierced and her shoes are color with markers.

Merisol, in the second photo, is wearing her long dress paper pierced using one of my new paper pads.  The pad is called Nature Garden and it is by Prima (6 x 6).  The entire pad is in purple hues which are just wonderful.  I used one of the wardrobe tags from Julie Nutting as her base.  I added some fun little paper flowers but now that I look at this in the photo I realize that I really need something more.  Maybe more flowers….maybe something else.  I’ll eventually put some type of sentiment on this for a gift package tag.

My favorite of these three is the third photo, with Tasha.  I just love Tasha.  I think it is her spunk that gets me.  I used one of the Ephemera freebie bookmarks for her backdrop.  ( You can’t really tell because of the lighting but the dress and the bookmark base color are a very subtle spring green that is really striking with the soft suede/browns.  For embellishment I added a little vintage name plate (from a really old Stampin’ up embellishment set) with a simple sentiment.

Looking at the photos I have to laugh.  All these wonderful new papers at the tip of my finger tips and I only used a half of sheet on one of the dolls above.  I guess that means that I really don’t need to buy any other new papers.  Either that or I just really need to keep creating these paper dolls!





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