Holiday Catalog Open House – Planning

While my open house was last week, I thought it would be fun to share some of the prep work that went into the little goodies that I made for my guests.  I love to spoil my customers, plus it is fun to try and surprise them with something. Nothing fancy, just a little something.

The first of two treats was a little gift of chocolate nuggets topped with a cute and rustic sunflower.  I love the new size of the cellophane bags.  The wider option (2″) is perfect for the nuggets.

First I made the toppers by punching some flowers and distressing them.  I used the little mister to wet them down and then just bunched them up into little balls.  Some of them tore a little but that just added to the look.

Then it was a happy thing to realize that I could use one of the bags for two gifts by cutting them in half.  The half size fit three nuggets and still allowed for a little bit to fold over for sealing.  I used score tape to seal the bottom of the “cut” side and a stapler to seal the tops.

I didn’t take a photo of them all in the basket when they were finished so you’ll have to trust me that they were very cute.

My second little treat was part of the Halloween suite display which I’ll show you in the next day or two.  But here are the goodies.  Done a million times before but still a fun one.  This is done by using a 1″ circle punch.

Like I said, nothing special but I know my guests loved them.  I find that it really doesn’t take much to give someone a little smile.  Plus, who doesn’t smile at little cute pumpkins…or for mini reeses peanut butter cups for that matter!

Over the next few posts I’ll share all of my displays from the event.  More to come!



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