Holiday Catalog Open House Displays part 1



With the craziness of summer I never got around to having a new catalog event.  So I set out to give the annual catalog and the holiday catalog equal display time at my Open House.  That worked pretty well since I had purchased quite a few things early on but didn’t even break them open.  I knew that committing a date to my calendar for an event would help kick me back into my corner for some crafting time.  It took me a while to get rolling.  However, you’ll see over the next few posts that I got very busy creating away.

First I started off with celebrating the new In Colors.  I don’t believe these card ideas are unique as I relied heavily on Pinterest to get my mojo going.  But I sure do love them.  It uses a couple of new sets to me that I absolutely love.  The Water color wings and the Touches of Texture.  I’ll link them below.  They are so easy to use and go so well together.  These cards came together really easily and the layout and mixture of the textures is one that got a lot of attention by my guests.

DSCN6163 (1024x768)DSCN6162 (1024x768)

I wasn’t too keen on last years In Colors….but I really like the combination for the 2016-2018 wave.  Looking forward to playing with these more.



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