Card Buffet Projects


I held a new event at my home a couple of weeks ago called a Card Buffet.  Stampin’ Up is credited with the idea.  It is much like a card workshop but with a larger variety of cards for people to choose from.  I really liked the idea and had a fun time preparing for the event.  All in all I had over 13 ladies join in on the fun.  Feedback was really good so I’m hoping to hold one every quarter.  The idea of the Card Buffet stems from a food buffet.  Where you can choose what you’d like to eat (make) from a large variety of options.  For my buffet I created 10 different projects.  I tried to give variety as to sentiments, holidays, styles and even complexity.  Each project was already pre-cut, supplies at the ready in separate bins.  My guests could just grab a bin and create.  They could create one of each, none of some, several of others.  Whatever they liked.  Just the “buffet” concept.  But this one was better in that there were no calories!

At each place setting I had a little goodie of course.  I did up the little clothes pin witches hats that were so popular last year.  I had fun making them.  The ladies loved the little treat.

I attached the little hats to the Hershey bar (snack size).  They looked really cute.  The chocolate was eaten fast…now the little hats can be reused/gifted.

Below are the thumbnails of the 10 projects.  You can click on them to see them up close.  If you would like instructions for any of them please just send me a comment.  Enjoy!



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