Candy Cane Lane Retreat Workshop

At my weekend retreat in early October I had the privilege of hosting 19 of the 23 guests for a workshop.  I was so thrilled and flattered that so many were willing to take 90 minutes out of their precious retreat time for a paper crafting workshop.

To keep it easy on myself (as if preparing for a 19 person workshop is ever easy!) I focused the entire workshop on the Candy Cane Lane suite from the Holiday catalog.  I love that set….crumb cake, real red, white and black.  How wrong can that go?

For the workshop I set up for them to create 6 tags, 2 cards and 1 gift box.  Whenever I do workshops like this I always try to have a little “gift” for my guests.  I try to incorporate the workshop supplies into that gift.  As you can imagine there are a lot of pieces to a workshop that results in 6 tags, 2 cards and a gift box.  How do you make that look cute?

At first I just had piles and piles of pre-cut pieces for all of the projects set out on my table as I worked on the prep throughout the week preceding the retreat.  I finally got an idea when I came across the glassine bags from Stampin’ Up that I had purchased for that someday need.  (I know I’m not the only one who does this….purchase those neat “things” even when you don’t really need them and then rejoice in the future when you finally find the perfect use!)

They were a perfect size to put in all of the elements for the class and keep everything secure as well as serve as a nice visual gift for my guests when they sat down to complete the workshop.  I tied them up with the Candy Cane Lane ribbon (love that ribbon) and embellished it with a mini candy cane (clever!) and a tag.  The ribbon served as dual purpose.  Cute for the packaging and ultimately used for the card and the gift box project!  Very green of me, yes?




Do you want to see the projects?  Here we go.

First the gift box, using a pattern from Chic n Scratch


Next the two cards.  These are my favorite!  Lots of focus on the great paper pack in this suite.  A lot of texture and a little bit of fussy cutting.  Yes, the ladies gave me a bad time about that but they all happily cut out that little house with a smile!

Lastly, the tags.  These were the tags that I had presented at my open house.  What I did for the workshop was pre-cut the squares, twine and circles and then had a bin full of little scraps/strips/and all of the tag sentiments from this year’s tag set available for them to use.  My samples were hung on my little trees for display and inspiration but it was open create time for my guests.  Some copied the ideas exactly and others created at their whim.  But all of the tags turned out adorable!  I should have taken a photo of the tag create table before and after.  It was quite a sight!

DSCN6135 (768x1024)At the end of the day we had created 19 gift boxes, 38 Christmas cards and 114 gift tags!  Imagine all of those lucky recipients of these little handmade treasures!  Spreading love, one piece of paper at a time!



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