Just a Couple of Tags

The other day  friend of mine asked me if I was doing my annual holiday tag class.  While I would have loved to, I just couldn’t fit it in this year.  So she asked me if I’d do up a few tags for her.  I eagerly replied that I would…and then I asked her how many she would like.

Oh, just 50.   50!!!!

So 50 tags I did.  I kept them simple and based them again on the cutest paper pack of the Stampin’ Up Holiday Catalog (in my opinion).  This also allowed me to use up a lot of the scraps that had been generated from my weekend getaway class.  Do you want to see what 50 tags looks like?


Go ahead, tear it open…


There they are.  They looked so cute all tucked into that little box.  My friend was thrilled and ironically I received a gift the following week with one of my tags attached.


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