I receive a lot of questions about me, my creations and Stampin’Up.  I thought I’d use this page to document them just in case others are interested.  Don’t see an answer to your question?  More to Come!!

Q – Seriously woman – When do you find the time to stamp?

A – Yes, I suppose it seems crazy that I have time to do anything.  With two active kids, Part/full time professional career, wife, housekeeper, sports mom, scrapbooker blah blah blah….We are all busy.  It just depends on what you like to do with those bits and pieces of “down time”.  Some people like to read.  Some bake, some sleep….I play with paper.  You just spend time doing the things that you love to do or that help refill your sole after all of the things you “have to do” drain you.  I suppose too I’m pretty efficient.  I’ve talked before that I usually craft with a purpose.  I suppose having a purpose or a goal in mind when I start makes the process a little faster.

Q – How do you get the clear mount stamps to stick to the acrylic blocks?

A – Up until about a week ago (May 2014) I just stopped putting the image sticker on the back of the foam backing of the clear mount stamps.  It was driving me crazy that the didn’t stick well to the blocks with the sticker.  Just the foam works fabulous but of course you have to imagine the image.  I had heard that some people use spit (ick) and some have found that a light coat of chapstick works.  But then you have that stickiness all over your block.

I found a post on Pinterest about using the 2-way glue to solve this problem.  I tried it out and I have to say that YES, it works like a dream and now all of my clear mount stamps “converted”.  All you do is put together your stamps including the cling sticker.  Then using the Stampin’Up 2 way glue you apply a light coat to the sticker (that is already on the stamp).  Let it dry.  It creates a layout of stickiness (kind of like a post it) that you can put on/remove and reuse on your clear block.  It sticks like a dream and doesn’t leave a residue on your clear block.  Plus they stick to the storage cases better too.  No more flying stamps.  Here is the post I’m referring to.  There is a helpful video as well.  I can attest that this works great.

Q – What is your favorite adhesive?

A – That really depends on what I’m doing….but lets just assume paper crafting.  I have 5 favorites and in no particular order:

(I was actually surprised that I have more types of adhesive then the 5 listed below.  Apparently I have an adhesive for everything!)

1) Snail adhesive.  It is my go to quick adhesive.  Works great for most things except when creating paper boxes.  It is fairly inexpensive (shop wisely) and so easy to use.

2) Score tape.  I love Stampin’Up….but I’m not a fan of the red sticky tape.  I use Score Tape instead.  It sticks like no buddies business but it can be torn (you don’t have to cut it).  Plus the adhesive backing is paper so it can be recycled.

3) 2-way glue.  This is a Stampin’Up product that I love for small space adhesive.  It is either permanent or temporary depending on how long you let it dry before you stick it to anything.  Love this and always have it close by.

4) Glue Dots.  Can’t live without them.  They are my go to for adhering buttons, ribbon and other embellishments.  Stampin’Up has them (Glue Dots) but you can also get different sizes at other retail outlets.

5) Stampin’Up Dimensional.  This is kind of an embellishment and an adhesive rolled into one.  These are the little pieces of foam that is double sided and used for popping up an element or paper on your project.

Q – What is DSP…..

A – DSP stands for Designer Series Paper.  This is the name of the beautiful printed paper created by Stampin’ Up.  You’ll see me using the term DSP often since it is a really fun and easy way to enhance projects.

Don’t see an answer to your question?  More to Come!!


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