Paper Flowers

I mentioned yesterday that I had purchased the classic rose stamp and die set from heartfelt creations when I attended the scrapbook convention in my town.  Little miss and I were anxious to give it a try.  The stamps and dies are fabulous to work with.  Little miss wanted blue roses (?) so we ran with that.

I learned that really the easiest way to put these flowers together is to use the glue gun.  It is serious crafting when you have to heat up the glue gun.  As you can imagine the stamps and the dies are just graduated sizes of the flower shape.  For these I just sponged the edges with some turquoise ink.  Using the large end of an embossing tool and the technique I learned in class (and supplemented with videos from the website) resulted in the dimension and texture.  Then the glue gun to put it all together.  I tried with just glue… not worth the energy.

Here they are.

Not bad for the first try!  LG had a birthday party to go to a couple of days later so I used the roses to decorate the gift card package.  I’m looking forward to creating more.  It is definitely a project that you have to be in the mood for and it does take some time.  But I really loved the process.  Next time I think I’ll create several sets so I have them on hand.

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Scrapbook Convention

You’d think that after all of these years of doing paper crafting and scrapbooking that going to a scrapbook convention wouldn’t be that big of deal.  Well, I have to tell you that outside of Creative Memories for which I was a consultant for 15 years, I have never been to a scrapbook convention.  So I took myself to one.  I even signed up for some classes.  Just me, myself and I.


We had a great time.  It was so overwhelming and fun.  So many fun things to see, touch and buy of course.  There were a lot of freebies, make and takes, demos etc.  Not a ton of people which made it really nice just to take my time and take it all in.

The classes I took were something new for me.  First I had flower making 101 by heartfelt creations.  Oh my.  I had no idea what I was getting into.  Have you heard of this company?  They have stamps and dies to create just about every type of flower imaginable.  I had never heard of them before….Look at these from the class.  A Fuchsia, Poppy, Lilly and I’m not sure what the pink one is.

For taking the class you received a free stamp set of your choice.  There were so many to choose from.  I spent about 30 minutes just trying to decide which set I’d like.  I ended up with the classic rose set.  Then of course I had to buy the classic rose dies.  So amazing.  I’ll show you my first project with my new treasures in a different post.

Then I took a water coloring class taught by Art Impressions.  My mom has been using their products for several months and the results are stunning.  The class was two hours long and we created three projects.  These are just stamps, water color pens, a paint brush and a tiny bit of water.  Check on my first attempts…

I need a little practice but it was sure fun.  So different than anything I’ve done before.  We received a free stamp set in the class and a discount at the booth.  So I added a few of the basic so that I could practice more at home.

At the end of the day I was so tired but oh so happy.  I learned some new things and  acquired a few more treasures.  I’m pretty sure that I’ll go again in the future.  It was really good to challenge myself in that way.

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Remember the Festivus episode from Sienfeld?  If you don’t, here is a little snippet….

Each year my team at Microsoft celebrates Festivus.  It is a huge potluck with food from all different cultures and it is fabulous.  Then the “Feats of Strength” are minute to win it type games that people bid on to compete against the leads.  It is a lot of fun and it raises a lot of money for a charitable organization.  This year we hosted the Ronald McDonald House and raised about $4,000 in two hours.  We haven’t figured out a good way to do the “airing of grievances” as a work function.  Well at least something that you can do with the executives present :-).

Anyway, why am I sharing this?  Because the decorating committee called on me to create a simple banner to hang at the buffet table.  So of course I was excited to fill that need.  I kept it simple so that it could be used year after year.  I had to dust off the cricut to make those shadowed letters.  After I figured out the right sizing it came together very quick.  It looked really nice hanging at the event.

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A month since my last post….

Oh my.  I had to go back and figure out where I was….Where was I you ask?  Well right here actually but apparently with no time to post anything.  I have to admit that my crafting has fallen onto the to do list which I don’t like at all.  Seems that other things keep getting in the way.  But I do have a few things that I’ve worked on over the past month that I actually remembered to take photos of.  I’ll get them rolling here through the remainder of the year.

As you know, my mom (the enabler) has been tempting me with all sorts of new brands and techniques.  I managed to add a few little things to my collection over the past thirty days.  I even when to a Scrapbook Convention and took some technique classes that were a lot of fun.  I have to stop now….I saw the Stampin’ Up Occasions catalog and that is going to absorb all of my extra crafting dollars.  Can’t wait!

In the meantime let me share some of my fun new treasures.  I’m loving this brand of stamp and dies called Lawn Fawn.  Their images are more cutesy then I usually use but I purchased a couple of sets that tickled me.  This one is called Baked with Love.  Something about that mixer just called my name.  Little Miss fell for it too.  The images and the dies are so cute and work so well for coloring.  This type of stamping takes a little more work so while I was at it I stamped and cut out a few sets of the images.  Little Miss scores when I do that.

dscn6314-1024x768dscn6319-768x1024 Want to see more Lawn Fawn….I dare you to search for it on Pinterest.  Search at your own risk 🙂

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Lunch with my gal pals

First off… mom has a way of enabling me.  She twists my arm and forces me to do things that I really shouldn’t.  This is how I’ve ended up wasting too much time (and now some $$) looking at the website.  This is what happens when you don’t stay focused!  On the flip side, it turned into a convenient little coincidence.

Let me explain.

First off while wasting time looking at I came across these little beauties.

dscn6310-768x1024Are these not the cutest?  I fell in love with them and had them in my wish list for many many days until I just couldn’t resist anymore.   Did I need them?  Heavens no.  But do they make me giddy?  Yes.

Then when they were in my “cart” said to me (like all good retailers) you  might be interested in this item to go with your new stamps:


It was like Geranimals for stamps.  How could I possibly buy the “top” without the coordinating “bottom”.  So of course these two lovely stamp sets are now part of my collection.  When they arrived I just ogled them for days, so excited that they were mine and then….I got an invitation to lunch with three of my besties that I’ve kept in touch with over the years.  Wouldn’t you know it, these three ladies have the matching personalities of these stamps!  Just a few perfectly thought through details and they are transformed into:



and Bairavi!

I can not wait to share these little treasures with them!

Thanks Mom for making me do it.  My gal pals thank you too!


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Candy Cane Lane Retreat Workshop

At my weekend retreat in early October I had the privilege of hosting 19 of the 23 guests for a workshop.  I was so thrilled and flattered that so many were willing to take 90 minutes out of their precious retreat time for a paper crafting workshop.

To keep it easy on myself (as if preparing for a 19 person workshop is ever easy!) I focused the entire workshop on the Candy Cane Lane suite from the Holiday catalog.  I love that set….crumb cake, real red, white and black.  How wrong can that go?

For the workshop I set up for them to create 6 tags, 2 cards and 1 gift box.  Whenever I do workshops like this I always try to have a little “gift” for my guests.  I try to incorporate the workshop supplies into that gift.  As you can imagine there are a lot of pieces to a workshop that results in 6 tags, 2 cards and a gift box.  How do you make that look cute?

At first I just had piles and piles of pre-cut pieces for all of the projects set out on my table as I worked on the prep throughout the week preceding the retreat.  I finally got an idea when I came across the glassine bags from Stampin’ Up that I had purchased for that someday need.  (I know I’m not the only one who does this….purchase those neat “things” even when you don’t really need them and then rejoice in the future when you finally find the perfect use!)

They were a perfect size to put in all of the elements for the class and keep everything secure as well as serve as a nice visual gift for my guests when they sat down to complete the workshop.  I tied them up with the Candy Cane Lane ribbon (love that ribbon) and embellished it with a mini candy cane (clever!) and a tag.  The ribbon served as dual purpose.  Cute for the packaging and ultimately used for the card and the gift box project!  Very green of me, yes?




Do you want to see the projects?  Here we go.

First the gift box, using a pattern from Chic n Scratch


Next the two cards.  These are my favorite!  Lots of focus on the great paper pack in this suite.  A lot of texture and a little bit of fussy cutting.  Yes, the ladies gave me a bad time about that but they all happily cut out that little house with a smile!

Lastly, the tags.  These were the tags that I had presented at my open house.  What I did for the workshop was pre-cut the squares, twine and circles and then had a bin full of little scraps/strips/and all of the tag sentiments from this year’s tag set available for them to use.  My samples were hung on my little trees for display and inspiration but it was open create time for my guests.  Some copied the ideas exactly and others created at their whim.  But all of the tags turned out adorable!  I should have taken a photo of the tag create table before and after.  It was quite a sight!

DSCN6135 (768x1024)At the end of the day we had created 19 gift boxes, 38 Christmas cards and 114 gift tags!  Imagine all of those lucky recipients of these little handmade treasures!  Spreading love, one piece of paper at a time!


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Crafting Retreat Getaway Goodies


Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending my weekend with 23 other crafting ladies at our bi-annual craft retreat.  I wouldn’t say that these retreats as fancy get aways but I sure do look forward to them and I know my guests enjoy them too.  As always I do up some fun little surprises for everyone over the course of the weekend.  One is usually waiting for them at their crafting table and then others are waiting for them at the end of each day.  I think I have as much fun coming up with them as I do creating them…as I do passing them out when no one is looking.  Kind of like a little treat fairy!

My first creation leveraged an idea I’ve had in my back pocket for some time. I found it from another Stampin’ Up Demonstrator that I follow.  I modified it slightly for my purposes and was really happy with the result.  It uses a very popular (but retired) set.  It took a lot of die cutting (had to create 24!), embossing and a little patience.

Inside was the snack size M&M’s.  They all fit into a shoe box size tote….barely.  I used cajun crazy, hello honey and old olive for the colors.  Very fallish!

Next up was a little pillow treat

Same color scheme.  I know these have been done before but they are so cute and fun to make.  My envelope punch board got a little love makeing 24 of these cuties.

Lastly I created 24 of the little halloween lollipop holders that I had for me card buffet.  Always a fun little gift.

Here is everything all packed up and ready to go.  Feels very productive when you see all the completed projects like this.  Now if the weekend retreat was just a few days longer… goes by so fast!




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