????????Hi!  Thank you for stopping by to find out a little bit more about me.

The hard part is trying to figure out what might be interesting.  I suppose if it isn’t, you’ll just stop reading.  I’m about one week into my blogging adventure as I write this.  I’m really enjoying it, so I hope it sticks!

I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest my whole life.  I married my best friend from college who somehow continues to put up with me.  I have two wonderful kids who shall be known as DJ and Little Miss.  I work in the Finance profession during the day and paper craft by night.

I started stamping a LONG time ago when my hubby suggested I start a hobby and purchased a couple of stamps and some ink for me as a gift.  He had no idea what he was starting.  At about the same time, I was introduced to scrapbooking through Creative Memories.  Scrapbooking got me hook line and sinker.  It wasn’t long before I was tearing apart all my old magnetic albums and diligently recreating my youth, high school, college and “pre-marriage” life in Creative Memories albums.  Somehow shortly after that first Creative Memories workshop I found myself signing a consultant agreement.  I still thank my highschool friend that “made” me do it.  It really changed my life.  I was a consultant for 15 years and I have an amazing memory library for my family and most of all I have wonderful lifelong friends in my life because of it. 

Along the way I’d stamp from time to time but I really didn’t sink into it until a friend invited me to a Stampin Up party AND Papetrey Ink came into the picture.  Since I was fairly current on my photo albums (my friends hate it when I say that) I needed something to fill the gaps.  So I started stamping more and more…and more…and more….I just couldn’t help myself.  The funny thing is that no one really knew how much I loved it other than my mom, a good friend from work and of course my hubby.  I’d call myself a closet stamper at that point.

When Creative Memories went through its transition/rebirth in 2014 I knew it was time to let that piece go and jump into something new and exciting for me.  So I signed up to be a Stampin’ Up demonstrator.  I just can’t sit still for a minute!  I’m having a ball.  It won’t replace my day job, but it gives me another outlet of creativity, keeps me busy and allows me to share the fun with others.

Most of my scrapbooking and stamping time is spent in my corner.  That explains the name of my blog.  I’ll post a photo and tour of my little space someday.  But for now envision the bonus room over the garage with a little white desk in the farthest corner.  It is pretty much the farthest point I can go from the main living space of my house.  I can leave it a mess (those of you that know me are probably laughing right now…because I’m not good at leaving things a mess) or stop by throughout my time at home and everything is always ready for me to create.  Sometimes after the house is quite I’ll sneak off to my corner and play.   My husband will also send me to my corner when I’m grumpy.  Something about paper, stamps and pretty ribbon just makes the grumpies go away.

This blog I started as a way to share my crafting time virtually with my friends and family.  We’ll se how it goes.  I hope you enjoy it.  Alright, enough for now.  “They” say that too many words on a blog post cause readers to fall asleep.  Hope you enjoyed your nap.  I’m going off to my corner.


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